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    June 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Whiting, Samuel   Barnes, John   Whiting, Edgar   Moore, John   Moore, Agnes   Evershed, George   Fayer, Walter James   Whiting, Stanley Pittam   Gibson, Sarah   Manning, Dagmar Alexandra   Woodward, Mary Ann   Whiting, John Henry   Whiting, Charles   Eastwood, Sarah Hannah   Whiting, Sarah   Lowther, Nancy Evans   Whiting, Alice M   Whiting, Samuel   Whiting, Thomas James   Whiting, Edith   Mawby, Sarah   Barnes, John   Laundon, Lily Annie   Vickery, Herbert   Barford, Mary   Fausch, Beatrice Lucy   Stainby, Arthur   Whiting, Clara Caroline   Whiting, Doris Louise   Whiting, Gretchen Ione   Baird, Evlyn Meyer   Anderson, Lillian Zella   Morris, Violet   Ringham, William   Whiting, Winnifred   Whiting, Alice Maud   Whiting, Alfred   Hare, Eliza Florence   Norcott, Lilian May   Whiting, Louisa   Reeson, Constance Annie   Manning, Dagmar Alexandra   Gibson, Sarah   Rainforth, Kenneth   Rainforth, Douglas   Rainforth, Beatrice M   Rainforth, Florence Emily   Whiting, Arthur   Fayer, Walter James   Whiting, Eric William   Whiting, Stanley Pittam   Whiting, Frances Henry   Whiting, Frank Elijah   Whiting, Kybert Clifford   Whiting, Ernest Randolf   Vincent, Maud E   Waterman, Stephen   Richardson, William   Going, Ruth   Butler, Rebecca   Waterman, Charles Rossiter   Randolf, John The Tory   Ingraham, John Hazelhurst   Joana   Taylor, Elizabeth   Fiske, George   Fiske, Robert   Gould, Sybil Barbor   Cicely   Palmer, James William   Kittleson, Inez   Goodridge, Amos Nathaniel   Jerman, Erma Sharp   Backus, Sybil   Whiting, Henry Patrick   Turner, Selwyn Horace   Whiting, Frances Hannah   Whiting, Arvin Joe   Taylor, Mary Jane   Whiting, Harold Eugene   Whiting, William   Whiting, Joseph Warren   Covert, Lena Estell   Ballard, Ethel   Whiting, Morse Claude   Whiting, Eunice   Brown, Burton   Brown, Gladys   Rolph, William Guy "Guy"   Whiting, Sidney   Whiting, Herbert D   Whiting, Ezra   Hodge, Charles C M   Fitch, Sarah   Whiting, Ellen   Warren, William   Thake, George   Barkler, Sarah Charllote   Morris, Ada   Hayman, Herbert Frederick   Barratt, Charles John   Whiting, Frances Cornelia   Borcham, Albert Lewis   Harris, Emily   Whiting, George   Whiting, Catherine   Whiting, Thomas John   Whiting, Alice Maud   Whiting, Arthur John K   Whiting, William Henry   Whiting, Thomas John   Burn, Benjamin   Deyes, Emma Douglas   Whiting, Ellen   Barnett, Eleanor   Althorpe, Ann   Whiting, Edwin Walter   Fitzhugh, Louis   Sawbridge, Benjamin Edwin   Cochran, Loyd E.   Tomlinson, Harrison   Whiting, Sarah Maria   Franklin, Earl G   Porrett, Mary E   Hope, Eva Edith   Forsha, Mary Jane   Burn, Benjamin   Deyes, Emma Douglas   Bourne, Mannie   Stone, Abia Brown   Gibson, George Edgar   Whiting, Eveleth   Jary, John Henry   Going, Ruth   Tompkins, Clarence P   Beverley, Mary   Whiting, William   Whiting, William   Whiting, Kate Dewitt   Trussell, Lillian J   Palmer, James William   Dick, Alexander   Latimer, Phebe   Mead, John F   Harris, Thomas Henry   Rudd, Nathaniel H .   Richards, Abel   Emily   Waterman, Lloyd Allen   Struble, George Perry   Gillis, Hugh C   Whiting, Edith Marguerite   Cramblett, Hannah Bell   Reidenbach, Clyde Lorain   Innes, Brunswick   Clinton, Charles   Hallagan, Lillian Mae   Griswold, Charles D   Florence E   Phillips, Harold   Bigler, Joseph   Whiting, Ruth   Whiting, Alfred   Palmer, Lizzie B   Whiting, Henry   Whiting, Nellie V   Lane, William   Hardy, Alfred   Kennedy, Alice   Oliver, Jennette   Armstrong, Duane Milton   Boldt, Elsa   Mason, Anne   Case, Harold E   Davis, Alfred   Billings, Azalia E   Miller, James   Whiting, Perry   Stuart, James M   Whiting, Viola   Whiting, Martin C   Pool, Betsey   Whiting, Burton   Lillian L   Saville, Carleton   Whiting, Caroline Hall   Lewis, Mary Ann   Stuart, Myrtle Elizabeth   Sarah J   Elliot, Florence A.   Whiting, Alpheus   Glenn, Elmer C.   Whiting, Frank O   Lux, Mable   Lux, Paul   Land, Leslie Vern   Nona   Whiting, Elizabeth L M   Crosier, Esther   Whiting, Chauncy   Eaton, Evangeline Edith Eva   Elsie A.   Smith, William E.   Whiting, Albert Draper   Mary   Whiting, Emily Frances   Kelley, Abigail Rose   Whiting, Nathan Pierce   Dean, Ada   Cherry, Millah Martha   Whiting, John Fielding   Whiting, Valentine Williard /...   Story, John / Whiting, Marth...   Whiting, William / Brown, Re...   Whiting, Robert (gentleman) /...   Treat, Phillosebius / Hull, ...   Whiting, Harry Carlyle / Evel...   Willet, James / Frink, Grace   Bull, Daniel / Mygatt, Mary   Sparling, Fred / Williams, C...   Stickney, William / Whiting, ...   Whiting, Edward Sherman / Jer...   Whiting, Richard Henry / Bold...   Hedges, Thomas / Whiting, Sa...   Whiting, Robert (gentleman) /...   Whiting, David / Ragg, Sarah   /   Whiting, Thomas / Walker, Fl...   Whiting, Richard / Gutteridge...   Whiting, Robert (gentleman) /...   Ackroyd, Lewis / Thorpe, May...